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The history of the industrial site in Olomoucká street in Brno, widely known today as the „První Brněnská“, dates back to 1836, when the engineering production of the company „K.k. priv.. Maschinenfabrik H.A. rabble Brunn" is moved to this location.

After development in 1857-1862, the company was the most important producer of steam engines in Brno. Under the name „První Brněnská“, the area has been performing since 1872. Before World War I, there were almost 1500 employees involved in the production of boilers and turbines.

The firm maintained its private company status until nationalisation in December 1945. The site did not return to private owning until the 1990s.  Today, the premises of the site are used by companies from different industries, but the largest share still remains for engineering production. From June 2015, the site became the property of Amulle, a.s.


Compound information:
68 buildings
156.000 m²
21.239 m² offices
48.337 m² production space
6.191 m² warehouses
5.552 m² technical space

Services for you:
Individual approach
restaurant in the area (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
policlinic in the compound
high-speed internet connection
rental system storage access
acces 24/7/365 non-stop
closed fully guarded area
control of attendance of employees

Advantages of the compound:
Focus on engineering and power engineering
excellent location of the compound
2 km from centre of Brno
About 100 m from the transport circuit of the city
Instantaneous motorway connection
International airport 8 km (13 min)
Excellent availability for employees
     - Tramway n. 8, 10, 12
     - bus n. 44, 47, 49, 76, 77, 84
     - trolleybus 31, 33 and a train station
Seamless handling of TIR
Skilled workforce - 13 universities
Amulle, a. s. 2021
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